2016 – Present
Philadelphia, PA

Associate Professor

Drexel University

2010 – 2016
Philadelphia, PA

Assistant Professor

Drexel University

2007 – 2010
Chapel Hill, NC

Research Assistant & Adj. Instructor

The University of North Carolina

2004 – 2007
Bloomington, IN

Research Assistant

Indiana University

2002 – 2003
Shanghai, China

Technical Director

ManguIce Ltd.

2002 – 2002
Shanghai, China

Project Manager

eBay China

1999 – 2002
Shanghai, China

Software Development Manager

Lycos Asia

1998 – 1999
Shanghai, China

Software Engineer

Great Wall eInfoNet

Awards and Honors

Instructor of the Week

Drexel University, 2018

Outstanding Online Faculty

Drexel University, 2013

Vannevar Bush Best Paper

Runner-up @ ACM & IEEE JCDL, 2013

CAS Student Award

$1000 Cash Award @ ASIS&T, 2008

Best Paper Nominee

First AAAI ICWSM conference, 2007

The First Place Award

10th Information Visualization, 2004

Selected Publications

(2015). Information-theoretic term weighting schemes for document clustering and classification. International Journal on Digital Libraries.

(2013). A fitness model for scholarly impact analysis. Scientometrics.

(2013). Studying the clustering paradox and scalability of search in highly distributed environments. ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS).

(2009). Dynamicity vs. effectiveness: studying online clustering for scatter/gather. Proceedings of the 32nd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval.


2018 – 2022
Drexel University

BIGDATA: Predictive Analytics of Driver’s Engagement for Injury Prevention

co-PI / National Science Foundation

2017 – 2019
Drexel University

LEADS: Library Education and Data Science

co-PI / Institute of Museum and Library Services

2016 – 2018
Drexel University

EAGER: Studying Decentralized Searches in Large-scale Agent Networks

PI / National Science Foundation

2013 – 2014
Drexel University

Large-scale Social Media Analytical Tools with Application to Detecting Emerging Events

NSF I/UCRC Center for Visual & Decision Informatics

2012 – 2015
Drexel University

Exploring Common Tools for Meaningful Concept Displays (MCD) to Support Semantic Indexing, Searching, and Learning across Libraries, Museums, and Archives

co-PI / Institute of Museum and Library Services

Recent Publications

More Publications

(2018). Hierarchy construction and text classification based on the relaxation strategy and least information model. Expert Systems with Applications.

(2018). Visual Analysis of Distributed Search Traffic in a Peer-to-peer Network. 2018 10th International Conference on Communication Software and Networks (ICCSN).

(2017). Balanceali: multiple PPI network alignment with balanced high coverage and consistency. IEEE transactions on nanobioscience.

(2017). Counter Deanonymization Query: H-index Based k-Anonymization Privacy Protection for Social Networks. Proceedings of the 40th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval.

(2017). Distributed Search Efficiency and Robustness in Service oriented Multi-agent Networks. Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Management Engineering, Software Engineering and Service Sciences.

(2017). Text Retrieval based on Least Information Measurement. Proceedings of the ACM SIGIR International Conference on Theory of Information Retrieval.

(2016). Achieving high k-coverage and k-consistency in global alignment of multiple PPI networks. Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2016 IEEE International Conference on.


2018 – 2019
Drexel & Lanzhou

CI 101 - 103 [Undergraduate]

Computing and Informatics Design I - III

2017 – Present
Drexel University

INFO 153 [Undergraduate]

Applied Data Management

2017 – Present
Drexel University

INFO 659 [Graduate]

Introduction to Data Analytics

2016 – Present
Drexel University

INFO 655 [Graduate]

Introduction to Web Programming

2015 – Present
Drexel University

INFO 371 [Undergraduate]

Data Mining Applications

2014 – 2015
Drexel University

CI 101, 102, & 103 [Undergraduate]

Computing and Informatics Design I, II, & III

2011 – Present
Drexel University

INFO 151 & 152 [Undergraduate]

Web Systems and Services I & II

2010 – 2014
Drexel University

INFO 624 [Graduate]

Information Retrieval Systems


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